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How to make a Visualizer in ProM 6?

edited December 2011 in - Development

I want to make a plug-in which results in a colored BPMN-model.
- Are there already classes to represent a BPMN model?
- Is there already a visualizer for BPMN models?
- If not, how can I make my own BPMN model visualizer? I guess this is not documented: can it be easily explained in this forum? Are there good examples in ProM? Which classes can I use?

(I already managed to make a simple visualizer which draws on a JPanel, but I'm hoping to be able to reuse classes for zooming, exporting, drawing nodes and edges, etc.or copy from other examples like Heuristic Miner (but for HM I do not really find the code to start from))



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  • aadrians
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    Hi Jan, 

    To my knowledge, the BPMN package contains implementations of BPMN model/visualizer. You may want to check it out.



  • Do you need special permission to download other packages ? I always get an svn error when trying to checkout a package for example
  • You shouldn't, what error do you get?
    Joos Buijs

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    Previously Assistant Professor in Process Mining at Eindhoven University of Technology
  • From the eclipse svn plugin I get just     svn: Malformed XML.

    From the command line tool: svn: The OPTIONS response did not include the requested activity-collection-set; this often means that the URL is not WebDAV-enable

  •   svn: Repository moved permanently to '/trac/prom/Packages/BPMN/Trunk'; please relocate
    svn: OPTIONS request failed on '/trac/prom/Packages/BPMN/Trunk'

    The location I am trying to checkout is
  • Found it. The location was with repos/Packages
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