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Annotated Event logs required

edited November 2020 in Event Logs
I am working on research project and am stuck with unavailability of dataset with domain semantics for the experiments. What I need is event log in CSV or any other format labelled/ annotated event logs of any domain in which multiple low level acclivities are labelled with their corresponding high level activity. Example: activity A-B-C labelled with High level activity "Production start" and so on.

I ll be very much grateful if respected research community members help me finding such a dataset.


  • Hi,

    Is there no partner in your research project who can deliver such event logs?

    This annotation you mention is very much research in progress. As such, I guess some other researchers may have logs with low level activities, but I do not know whether they are annotated with the high level activities. And these researchers may no be able to share these logs due to NDAs.

    Kind regards,
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