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risk factor & penalties


I have 2 questions regarding the data:

"risk_factor" column denotes "An optional, manually assigned risk assessment factor. ". However, we can observe that only one trace in the data has its value of risk factor set to something else than 1.0. Could it possibly be some error in the dataset or is it correct this way? 

I was wondering whether it's possible to get more information about the meaning of penalty codes? E.g, from the main page of the challenge we know that one of the penalties is "the stated size of the farmland did not match the actual size as determined by alignment with the reference or a remote or on-site inspection", but it is not obvious which of the penalty codes it corresponds to.

Thank you in advance!


  • 1. Good question. I am not sure, but it could be that the departments for which we have data did not make use of this feature.

    2. I try to give an overview. In general, the type of penalty can be distinguished by the prefix:

    - A* (e.g., AVJLP) indicate a delay penalty for parts of the documents, i.e., the applicant did not meet the deadline for handing in her application or parts of it. E.g., AVJLP relates to a delay in handing in you documents for the young farmer support.
    - B* relates to differences in stated and actual sizes of farmland. Morever, BGKV indicates a penalty in previous years that has some effect in the current year.
    - C4 - some parcels are not considered, because they are very small
    - C9 - similar to B*, but in general less severe
    - C16 - failure to declare a significant amount of farmland
    - CC - issues relating to cross-compliance rules (
    - GP1 - issues relating to greening rules (
    - JLP* - issues relating to the young farmer condition (
    - V5 - denial of on-site inspection (you really shouldn't do that...)

    Hope this helps.
  • thank you , it is really helpful :)
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