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Deep into activity "....-calculate"


I've just started to analyse these process and in order to carefully understand process and next to investigate in it, could you give me some insights to process?

I'm interested in activities with type "...calculate". These activities in second part of process, after first, checking part. I ask this because I noticed some regularity of activities with "calculations". 
As far as I understand, this is due to the calculation of the requested amount of subsidies, perhaps, there is a calculation of differnet parameters, which makes it necessary for a number of separate calculations (blocks with "...begin editing", "...calculate", "...end editing"). I'm right?

Thank you in advance,


  • The final amount of subsidies is a function of several values in different documents. If "calculate" is executed for an application document, the document is updated with the values from the other documents (and changes to the application document itself) and the final values are calculated.

    If a document is up-to-date, editing of the document can be finished. However, if there is a change in another document, one would have to start editing again, calculate and finish editing.
    So, "begin editing" and "finish editing" are not really part of the calculation, but more like transitions to and from the state where calculations in the document are possible.

    Note that this sequence of activities can be scheduled to be executed on a regular basis, with the goal that all, or most, documents are up-to-date and in the "finished editing" state by the end of the year.
    For these automated executions (take a look at the org:resource and note attributes), the sequence of activities is likely to appear very regular.
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