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Event Class explanation

Can someone please tell me what the "save" event class is meant for ? Some other events like insert_document, begin_editing and finish_editing seem a bit arbitrary. Is this the intended behavior.
Is there any explanation about the events occurring in the logs?


  • "Save" is an action on the document level that has to be executed whenever there has been a manual change to the document, e.g., by editing the document contents.

    As this can be executed at basically any point in a document's lifecycle it is not tied to any particular subprocess.

    Regarding "Insert document": with this activity, a subdocument is inserted into another document. For example, this might be a marker for other users in the department. Such a marker can be inserted at any point in time. Other subdocuments, like a notification for the applicant, are usually only inserted at specific points in the process. You can tell the type of subdocument which was inserted by the event attribute "note".

    To understand the process from a workflow perspective, it may help to filter "save" events and certain types of "insert document" events. These events may be very important from other perspectives though.
    If a document was saved, you can tell for sure that this document was edited manually, as opposed to a purely automated batch processing.

    I don't quite understand how "begin editing" and "finish editing" are arbitrary.
  • In most of the documents, begin editing and finish editing are mostly paired up meaning their numbers are equal. But in the parcel document sublog, finish editing occurs after almost all other events like insert document, check, take original document.
  • fborchert
    edited April 2018
    "finish editing" is the last activity for the parcel document in many cases since for these documents there are no decision and no payment actions following the document editing.

    Note that activity names can have different meanings for different documents, that's why there is the "Original Activity" classifier.

    It also makes sense that begin and finish editing are usually paired up. It's often the case that the activities "begin editing", "calculate" and "finish editing" are executed repeatedly for the application documents (entitlement / payment). This is particularly true when applications are batch-processed automatically. However, even in these cases you may observe different counts of "calculate" activities in between, and even more so if a case required some manual intervention.  

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