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Undesired outcomes - question 1 - first occurrence of “DP application decide”

Hello. In question 1 there is the mention of

(first occurrence of “DP application decide”).

What exactly is the event in the eventlog? See below for some possibilities. May guess would be Payment application-Application-decide

What about you?



  • You are absolutely right, DP means "Direct payment" and was used in an older version of the dataset.
  • Thank you.
    Regarding Undesired outcome II.
    1. Could you also tell me whether change by dep refers exactly to Payment application-Main-change department - that would correspond to 10 cases
    2. And if legal objection by the applicant (“objection”) refers exactly to ___please let me know___

    Thank you!
  • "change by dep." refers to the subprocess "Change". "objection" refers to the subprocess "Objection".
    Initiating a new subprocess after finishing the "Main" subprocess in the application documents (entitlement or payment) could result in an additional payment or reimbursement, which means additional work.

    The activity "change department" in contrast indicates a change in responsibility for the case from one department to another. This indeed should happen very rarely.

  • The activity in quesion was translated to the following:

    doctype: Payment application,
    subprocess: Application
    activity: decide

    The Original Activity classifier would return "Payment application+Application+decide" as concept:name.
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