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How to find/ load main class org.processmining.contexts.uitopia.UI ?


while implementing a Plug-in within ProM, I could not run/debug my Plug-in.
Attached there is an error message which states that eclipse cannot find or load the main class.

Any recommendations will be appreciated.



  • hverbeek
    edited February 2018

    Do you have IvyDE installed as an add-on in Eclipse? ProM needs IvyDE to resolve dependencies...

    Kind regards,

  • Thanks for your help, Eric.
    Yes, I did.
    I even uninstalled and installed it again but it is not solving the problem.

  • Hi Mustafa,

    There was a problem in the launch file, I've now fixed it. Please update the launch file to the latest version, and then it works.



  • Works fine, Eric.
    Many thanks!
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