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How can I inspect trace variants and define a two-attributes Case Id in RapidProm?

Hi everybody,

I'm new here but I have used Prom for one year. Currently, I'm using RapidProm because I'm planning more ripetitive analysis. I'd like to know whether it's possible to inspect trace variants (Explore Event Log in Prom) with RapidProm and in this case what is the Operator name? When I use the operator called "Data Table to Event Log" I can't use that tool. 

Moreover, is it possible to define a Case Id with two different attributes in RapidProm? For example the patient's name with his/her triage code.

Many Thanks.

Best Regards.


  • Dear CrisF:

    The "Explore Event Log" plugin that you refer to is implemented as a visualization in RapidProM. Just connect the output port of the operator  you are using (that has the event log) to the output port of the process. The workflow will generate such visualizations for you. Note that you will first see the "Log Visualizer" visualization (default) but on the left side there is a list of other visualizations you can click on, such as a data table, dotted chart and the "trace variants" you refer to.

    It is also possible to use more than one attribute as Case Id, but not directly.
    You need to create a new attribute that is the result of the combination of all the attributes that you want to use as Case Id, and then use such resulting new attribute as Case Id. You can do all of the above using standard RapidMiner operators (e.g., "Generate Attribute")

    Hope this helps!


  • Dear Alfredo,

    Firstly thank you for your kind answer.

    I have followed your idea regarding the two-attributes Case Id and it works very well!

    When I use the Operator "Import Event Log" I see the screen attached, but on the left side there are: the "Log Visualizer", Dotted charts and the example set. I don't find the "trace variants". Do I have to change settings or operator?

    Thank you.

    Best regards,


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