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BPI Challenge 2018 posting rules

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This forum is intended for participants of the BPI Challenge 2018 and it is monitored by the process owner of the BPI Challenge from within the German company data experts, located in Neubrandenburg. . More details on the BPI Challenge 2018 can be found on

Feel free to ask content-related questions about the challenge, but please do not ask technical questions. Questions about the processes within the company, or possibly about the semantics of some of the attributes that are of interest to more users are encouraged. 

Start a discussion for each new question, after checking if that question hasn't been answered before. Also, feel free to answer questions from other participants.

Examples of wrong questions are "How can I load the data in ProM?", "How do I get a process model from ProM?", etc.

Please respect normal forum rules, so do not ask the same question twice, do not hijack a topic etc. 
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