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Is there any plug-in in Prom that can merge logs?

Hello everyone,
  Merry Christmas!
 And I wonder that if there is any plug-in in Prom that can merge logs.
 I use trace cluster plug-in to divide an entire log into multiple logs,But they are too many,so I want to merge some of them together. Can anyone help?
 Thank you inadvance.


  • Hello everyone,
    I have solved this question.In the clustering interface,we can choose more than one cluster to export.
  • For reference and other who are searching. I wrote a plug-ins
    - 'Concatenate/Union of event logs' which merges logs by taking the multiset union; 
    - 'Merge traces based on attributes (In place)' which joins based on a single attribute.
    Both are in the LogEnhancement package.

    There is also the plug-in 'Merge two Event Logs using a rule based algorithm' by Jan Claes, which allows a bit more complex rules.
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