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Is there any plug in in prom that can be used for online process mining?

I research about how can perform online Process Mining on the execution of a process by using the production of a continuous event log.Does prom have interval setting for importing EventLogs?
Any Information would be appreciated.


  • Hi Azadeh,

    There exist some plugins in ProM that are able to work with streams, i.e. from a conceptual level.
    Consider installing the EventStream package.
    You can import an event log and convert it to an event stream (also possible to convert it to a static list of events ordered on time-stamp).
    There exist several implementations of discovery algorithms that operate on such stream, e.g. alpha/inductive/heuristics.
    There is also some work related to conformance checking, this is however not yet ported to the streaming framework within ProM.

    Also note that the algorithms are sometimes outdated.

    Please consult:
    regarding the streaming framework.

    Note that the architecture has been changed since the publication, i.e. publishers and subscribers have been removed from the architecture.

    I hope this helps,

    Kind regards,


  • Hi Bas,
    Thanks a lot for your details.I will try EventStream package.

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