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Oraganizational perspective conformance checking

edited July 2010 in ProM5
<p>Dear all, </p>
<p>I have a question about conformance checking in ProM. Is there any plug-in in ProM framework that checks the conformance of organizational models or social networks with the source event log (something like the conformance checking plug-in for process models)? If not, which plug-ins are used for conformance checking in this perspective? </p>
<p>Regards, </p>
<p>Hanieh Jalali</p>


  • hverbeek
    edited July 2010
    Dear Hanieh,
    There is no dedicated conformance checker for the organizational perspective. However, there are two ways of doing organizational conformance checking.
    (1) Use the LTL checker
    In the LTL checker one can write constraints involving resources, e.g., the 4-eyes principle, etc. Moreover, you can also use the semantic LTL checker. See <a href=""> </a><a href=" "> </a>
    (2) Map resource information onto activity name (workflow model element) and use the conformance checker.
    Often one can creatively swap the workflow model element and originator labels and use existing plug-ins for another perspective. The process model could show the flow in the organization (e.g. from department to department) rather than activities. (See filters in ProM 5.2).

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