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Using Unstructured data to discovery a process

I alread read a lot of papers who discribe tecniques in process mining, but I would like to know if there's some approach wich develop a metodology do work with Unstructured dataset and discovery a process, using process mining tecniques.



  • what do you mean by unstructured dataset? It would be better to provide some concrete examples.
  • Hi CongLiu, 

    Imagine you have a system where the user can describe the problem or solution for some ticket, this information can describe a problem or a solution ,  you need to discovery this category using aproach like text mining document and then using  the data to discovery a process.
  • discover a process from text?
  • Yes, after discovery the relevante activities in this text. I'm looking for works  talking about it. 
  • Hi rosangelamariah,
    If I understand your question, you want by applying text mining techniques on some textual information and at first detecting activities and then process model. Actually, there are some researches have been done in this domain. For example, you could consider the two papers attached. However, I think if you want to apply such techniques it would be good to have a specific domain training text. 
  • Hi fanisani,

    Thank you very much!
    I believe you understood my question, I need to use techniques like text analysis or information retrieval, and mostly I look for  papers with these features that are using process mining techniques together. 
    I have t a specific domain. The indicated works  will help.
    Regrads. :smile: 
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