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Algorithm for Petri Nets with multiple source/sink places


as I am new to the field of Process Mining (as part of my master thesis) I am looking for an algorithm that discovers Petri Nets with multiple source / sink places (therefore NOT a WF-Net). I did not yet find anything suitable for that, a simple algorithm would be sufficient (like the alpha algorithm, which, as far as I know, always produces a WF-Net with one source and one sink place) Does anybody know an algorithm for that?

Thanks in Advance,



  • Dear Matthias,

    I'm not quite sure why you want to do this, might have something to do with the open workflow nets, but there are discovery algorithms in ProM 6 that may result in a net that has multiple sources and multiple sinks. If you run, for example, the "Discover using Decomposition" plug-in, you can select a number of existing discovery algorithms that will then be run in a decomposed way. As a result, you may get multiple source places and multiple sink places. As said, not quite sure whether this is what you want.


  • Dear Eric,

    Thanks for the answer. I'm looking for an algorithm that can find a petri net like this. (Not even sure how the event log would look like for such a Petri Net)


  • I guess the top place may represent message?
  • CongLiu said:
    I guess the top place may represent message?
    Yes, thats correct. That would be something like an output place.
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