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Petri Net to oWFN Plugin


I am looking for the documentation of the Petri Net to oWFN Plugin, seems like the link is broken in the plugin reference

Does anybody know where to find it or does anyone know another tutorial or source of information concerning this plugin?

Thanks in advance,



  • Hi Matthias,

    The link is indeed broken, and will remain that way. That is a link to a ProM 5.2 (or earlier) plug-in, which is not really supported any more.

    See below for the old contents of that link. Please let me know in case you need other documentation as well.

    Do you have a specific reason for using ProM 5.2?



    ====== Convert Petri net into open-WF-net ======

    ===== Input =====


    ===== Output =====


    ===== Description =====

    This plug-in first queries the user to select the desired source place (from a list of source places) and the desired sink place (from a list of sink places), and then converts the Petri net into an open WF-net. The desired source and sink place will remain (as the only source place), while the other source and sink places will have become communication places. If the Petri net contains only one source place and only one sink place, then the plug-in starts the conversion immediately (no query necessary).

  • Hi Eric,

    Thanks for the quick response, the short description was helpful!
    As I am interested in converting petri nets to open workflow nets, I want to use this plugin, which is not available in Prom 6.6, I guess? That is the reason why I am using 5.2.


  • Hi Matthias,

    Yes, that's correct. When we moved from ProM 5.2 to ProM 6, nobody stood up to keep the open workflow nets alive. So, they did not make it (yet) into ProM 6.


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