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XES Log Generator

Is there any XES log generator that takes

3x Case1 a b c d
2x Case2 a c b d
1x Case3 a e d

as an input and produces an XES log with exactly these cases?

I have found

Process Log Generator

but it does not seem to do this.


  • Hi,

    As recommended by my colleague, the plugin "Write Simple Log using Editor" perfectly suits your requirement. Because this plugin is not in the release of ProM, what you need to do is check-out the package via and run the plug-in. Hope this helps.


  • Thank you for the hint. I have two problems though: I don't know which of the packages contains the plugin you have mentioned. I don't know how to install a package from there in ProM. Can you help?
  • Hi,

    Check-out the package called "SLog" via to your eclipse. You donot need to install the package, this is an independent project. Just run it after check-out, and find the plugin called "Write Simple Log using Editor".

    Hope i explain clear this time. 

  • It took me some time to put all the necessary jars in the build path. But now it's working. It's exactly what I was looking for. Thanks a lot!
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