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Clarifications about question three

Hi, in question three it says... How does the conversion compare between applicants for whom a single offer is made and applicants for whom multiple offers are made?....What do you mean with "conversion"?  Please, can you be more explicit?

Thanks in advance.


  • Conversion in this case means that the application gets to the endstate 'a_pending', where the loan is actually paid out to the customer.
  • Can a single customer make multiple applications?
  • I checked the log, but there's no information about this. I suppose they can make more that one application, but can they have more than one at the same time?
  • A customer can't do that from the website, so it does not happen very often. But the agent / employee can start a new application, so it happens that there are more applications for one person at the same time.
  • What is denoted by single conversation and multiple conversations in question three?
  • After the customers fills out the application form on the website, an agent calls the customer to make one or more offers. This is meant by a conversation with the customer. If multiple offers are made, it matters if they are all made in this first call at the same time or maybe later. Is there a difference between a customer that receives 3 offers at once (in the first call / conversation) or a customer that receives 3 offers made with an interval of a week for instance. That would be done in multiple conversations with the customer.

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