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Workitem explanation

There are 8 different workitems (W_-activities) in the Application log. I assume that each of them is associated with some manual work. However, that probably depends on their specific lifecycle transition. There are 7 different lifecycle transisitions of W_-activities (suspend, complete, start, resume, schedule, ate_abort, withdraw). Which of these involve some "real" manual work, and which ones are just system events with no subsequent manual activities?

I could imagine that "suspend", "schedule", etc. fall into the category of pure system events, but I'm not sure. Can you give us a more comprehensive explanation on which lifecycle transitions involve manual work?


  • fanisani
    edited March 2017
    Hi Frank,
    Take a look at the following image and also this link (page.14 - page 16):


  • Mohammadreza, thanks for that link and image - very helpful.

    Do definitions of each of the terms exist? Not absolutely necessary, I just like it to click into place in the old noggin.

    My guess would be:

    Scheduled - it's been marked to be worked on (sitting in a queue)
    Start -> Active - it's been picked up to work on which can than be either
       Suspended - put it back on the 'shelf' as it can't be completed now
       Terminated - no longer required
       Completed - the task is completed

    Therefore, you could say 'touch time' is the time it was siting in the 'active' status?

    Appreciate it.

  • Apologies for double post... I noticed the event log is slightly different to the image.

    Created = New
    Obtained = Scheduled
    Released = Suspended
    Deleted = Terminated

    It would be helpful to see a map of the event log and how each item flows.
  • I downloaded the application data set and imported it in Disco. But I can find only two  lifecycle transitions (start and complete) for W_-activities. why is that?  what is the problem?

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