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How to find the number of variants of a process

Hi everyone,

I am actually using the plug in : Explore Event Log (Trace Variant) of Prom. It is a very good plug which allows us to extract the different variant of a process (for each variant, it gives the number of traces following it).

The issue is that the plug in don't give the total number of these variants (how many variant are there ? I can't find it)

Can you help me about it?

Thank you.

Best regards.


  • Hi,

    I cannot find the total number of variants using this plugin either. I suggest to use Disco which provides process variant counting feature.


  • Thanks for the nice feedback on the Variants Explorer :-)
    I see that you are using an old version of that visualization. In the latest release (available in the nightly build) it displays the total number of variants.

    As a workaround. If you select all "variants" in the left windows, then right click you should get the count of variants when being prompted for what to do with the selected variants.
  • thank you.

    Best regards.

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