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ProM-Lite doesn't open the log files

I downloaded the two files (both named "gzipped xmlXES event log.gz") on my Mac with Chrome and tried to import them in the latest Mac-version of ProM-Lite, using the Naive Import. However, that doesn't work. There's this error message: 
"Error with import of [;@….: java.lang.Exception: Could not open log file, possible cause: null"

When trying a different importer the end of the error message is slightly different:
"No proceses contained in log! Parser could did not find any log"

What am I doing wrong?


  • Hi Frank,

    What is the URL of the files that you are downloading? I would like to reproduce the error.


  • I downloaded the files under the links indicated. The first link is this one:

    The direct link to one of the files is this:

  • Hi Frank,

    We get the same error with ProM Lite as you do, so you're not doing anything wrong. The ProM Nightly Build has identical problems with the log.

    What works for us, is to uncompress the log to an XES file (like "gzipped xmlXES event log.xes") and import that file using, for example, the "ProM log files (Naive)" importer. The MapDB importers do not to work for the uncompressed log either. 

    Also make sure that you assign enough memory to ProM Lite. 1 GB is not sufficient to import the log. We used 4 GB to import the log.

    Hope this helps a bit.  

    Kind regards,

  • hverbeek
    edited March 2017
    Hi Frank,

    An update. If you rename the file from "gzipped xmlXES event log.gz" to "gzipped  xmlXES event log.xes.gz" (replace the ".gz" extension with ".xes.gz"), then the Naive and Lightweight importers will import the file.

    The MapDB importers still fail, though.

    Kind regards,

  • I tried to load them with XESlite in the current development version released in the nightly builds:

    It works (when renaming to xes.gx). So, if you want to use XESLite please opt for the nightly build.

  • Thank you for your help. Just a follow-up question on your suggestion: how can I assign more memory (4GB) to ProM Lite? Using Mac OS X.
  • Hi Frank,

    The Mac version of ProM Lite 1.1 is already configured to allocate 4GB of RAM. In case you want to increase it, right click on the bundle app "ProM-Lite-1.1" and select "Show Package Contents". Then, go to the folder "Contents/Resources/". There, you will see a file named "". Right click on it and open it with TextEdit.
    Go to the line that says "$JAVABIN -da -Xmx4G ... " and replace the 4G by the amount of gigabytes you want to allocate. For example, -Xmx8G will allocate 8Gb of RAM to be used by ProM Lite.

    Kind regards,

  • Thanks!
  • Dear all,

    The names of the downloadable logs have now been changed into "BPI Challenge 2017.xes.gz" and "BPI Challenge 2017 - Offer log.xes.gz". That is, they now both have the ".xes.gz" extension. As a result, ProM should have no problems reading them.

    Kind regards,

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