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comparison of Trace Clustering Techniques in Process Mining

hi all,
I am an undergraduate of University of Ruhuna,Sri Lanka. I read a research paper 'A Comparative Analysis of Process Instance Cluster Techniques 2015 by Tom Thaler et al' .I am studying about the Trace clustering approaches proposed in the process mining literature and trying to compare and characterize them within set of aspects. This research is much informative . I have several questions to figure out which arise while reading this paper.
  1. I couldn't find enough information about control flow and case data perspectives of cluster techniques which was discussed from the very beginning of trace clustering techniques. Is it only a concern in representation of traces?
  2. Can't we identify some techniques are improved successors of a particular clustering technique(for instance trace alignment[2010] can be identified as a successor of context aware trace clustering[2006]. )?
I am new to this research area. I sent this to author too. but I was unable to get an response. I kindly expect a response from competent reader.

Thanks and Regards,
Gayan Buddhika,
Undergaraduate ,
Dept. of Computer Science,
Faculty of Science,
University of Ruhuna,
Sri Lanka

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