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brief event descriptions

The names of the events are not always self-explantory, so would it be possible to receive some brief descriptions for all events?


  • What events?
  • the events in the eventlog (e.g. "A_Incomplete"). Especially usefull to know if certain events trigger a particular customer activity (an update in a portal or email is send, etc.).
  • rbreugem said:
    The names of the events are not always self-explantory, so would it be possible to receive some brief descriptions for all events?
    Agree on this. Would be really useful, because even once the overall process have been discovered form the data it's not easy to understand the different steps involved in the process
  • BPIC2017
    edited March 2017

    Ok, here we go:

    The application has the following events:

    Submitted: a customer has submitted a new application from the website. A new application can also be started by the bank, in that case this state is skipped.
    Concept: the application is in the concept state, that means that the customer just submitted it (or the bank started it), and a first assessment has been done automatically.
    An employee calls the customer to complete the application.
    Accepted: after the call with the customer, the application is completed and assessed again. If there is a possibility to make an offer, the status is accepted. The employee now creates 1 or more offers.
    Complete: the offers have been sent to the customer and the bank waits for the customer to return a signed offer along with the rest of the documents (payslip, ID etc)
    Validating: the offer and documents are received and are checked. During this fase the status is validating.
    Incomplete: if documents are not correct or some documents are still missing, the status is set to incomplete, which means the customers needs to send in documents.
    Pending: if all documents are received and the assessment is positive, the loan is final and the customer is payed.
    Denied: if somewhere in the process the loan cannot be offered to the customer, because the application doesn't fit the acceptance criteria, the application is declined, which results in the status 'denied'.
    Cancelled: if the customer never sends in his documents or calls to tell he doesn't need the loan, the application is cancelled.

  • In the both event logs, I found two attributes: Selected and Accepted. Would you please explain about these attributes.
  • Thanks BPIC2017 for the clarification on this important topic.  Can you clarify the meaning of  Handle leads please? Difference between schedule and withdraw?

  • If an application is submitted on the website, the first workitem that's created is 'handle leads'. Now the application is assessed for the first time (automatically). If the assessment is positive, a new workitem 'complete application' is created. If the assessment is negative, the application is 'declined'.
    If the assessment can't be completed because of technical problems, the workitem is still 'handle leads' and a new assessment can be done manually.
  • @BPIC2017, I'm a bit confused:
    Above you write that the workitem "handle leads" is an automatic first assessment of the application. However, in this other thread ( you wrote "Some of the statuses have a corresponding workitem for call agents to process".

    Both cannot be true. Are workitems manual steps or are some of them automated? If the latter is true, which workitems are automated? Does it maybe depend on their lifecycle transitions "start", "suspend", "schedule", etc.?

    In your above description of the Application-events you also suggested that between "A_Concept" and "A_Accepted" an employee calls the customer to complete the application. However, the event-log shows the workitem "W_Complete application" between "A_Concept" and "A_Accepted", which doesn't sound like a phone call.

    What's therefore the exact meaning of "W_Complete application"? Is this indeed a phone call by an employee? If yes, how is this call different from the workitem "W_Call after offers"?

    Thanks for clarifying.
  • 'Handle leads' is an automated first assessment of the application and automatically transfers to 'complete application' unless the first assessment cannot be finished automatically. In that case the 'handle leads' workitem is manually processed by an agent.

    After this first assessment, the customer is called to complete his application and make an offer. Is is the 'complete application' workitem and is indeed a phonecall.

    Call about offers is the workitem after the offer is sent where the customer (after a few days) is reminded about the offer. To ask if he received everything, still has any questions, is planning to accept the offer etc.

  • Thanks for clarifying. Just a quick follow-up on the workitems:

    I assume that each of the 8 different workitems is associated with some manual work. However, that probably depends on the specific lifecycle transition of that workitem. There are 7 different lifecycle transisitions of W_-activities (suspend, complete, start, resume, schedule, ate_abort, withdraw). Which of these involve some "real" manual work, and which ones are just system events with no subsequent manual activities?

    I could imagine that "suspend", "schedule", etc. fall into the category of pure system events, but I'm not sure. Can you give us a more comprehensive picture?
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