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Hardware sizing exemples used in BPI17

Hi all, I've started mining the logs provided for BPI17 with Prom 6.6 and my PC is freezing with the application log. With the offers log is slow but it works. I'm using the Visual Inductive Miner.

I'm considering to upgrade/replace my PC and I'd appreciate to know the hardware sizing of your machines (OS, Processor, RAM, Graphics and Disk) if you consider the performance is OK.


PS1. My PC is a Lenovo s440 laptop, Win 10 Pro, 8 Gb RAM, Intel core 7 4500U 4 CPUs 2,4 GHz, AMD Radeon HD 8670M. 
PS2. If you are using a windows machine open a system window with Start+R and type "dxdiag"


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