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End Points - a proposition

Can I safely assume that the process has the following valid endpoints:
  1. O_Canceled: Offer was sent to applicant who did not in reply in time
  2. A_Pending: Offer was accepted by the applicant
  3. O_Refused: Either of two things: Offer refused by bank or offer refused by applicant.
What are your opinions?

Thank you!


  • Hi Gresch,

    That's safe to assume. Although a_cancelled and a_denied are also endpoints of the application.

  • I have some doubts about this... There are some cases that go from A_Pending to O_Cancelled, is this correct? If these activities mean what gresch suggested then this transition is a little odd.

    My question is, is there an official list that describes the activities?
  • No, there is no official list. There can be multiple offers, but just 1 can be accepted. If offer 1 is accepted and the application state becomes a_pending then offer 2 and 3 are automatically cancelled  in the process (because there not accepted and can never be).
    I'm not sure what happens first, but this may be an explanation?


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