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A_denied and O_refused

What is the semantic of the activities A_denied and O_refused, since they happen to come always one after the other. Does it mean:
    1. That the applicant refused the offer
    2. Or, that the bank refused the offer after getting back the applicant's response
Thank you


  • Hi Gresch,

    A_denied means that the application is declined/denied by the bank.

    O_refused means that the offer is refused by the bank.

    An offer can be refused individually and within the same application another offer can be made. But in case the total application is denied, it means that the status of all active offers is automatically set to refused aswell.

  • thank you. but I am not quite sure about A_denied, since for all cases that go through this activity (over 3700) over 2100 come from the O_returned (offer was sent back by applicant to the bank) - which in turn would mean an offer was made and sent to the client who returned the offer and only then to refuse the offer by the bank. (compare a process with variant 9).

    thank you
  • BPIC2017
    edited February 2017
    When the client returns an offer, he or she also returns other documents (id, payslip, bankstatements) that are evaluated by the bank. If for instance the income isn't sufficient, the application is still denied even though the applicant returned the offer.
    Although I would think that a_denied should happen more then 3700 times, because most of the applications are denied even before an offer is made.
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