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Meaning of Columns Selected and Accepted

What is the semantic of the columns Accepted and Selected for offers? The data suggests that all combinations are present:
a. Accepted and selected even though the offer is refused at some point (Activity: O_Refused) and the other way around
b. Accepted but not selected
c. Not accepted and selected

Accepted Selected count 1 FALSE false 6777 2 FALSE true 5960 3 TRUE false 14297 4 TRUE true 15637


  • 'Accepted' or 'not accepted' indicates whether the offer is still acceptable. (A manual override is possible if accepted is false.)

    Selected is the indication of which offer is signed by the customer. As soon as the offer is received, that specific offer is 'selected' as the returned offer.

  • Could you explain what "the offer is still acceptable" means?
    Decision about "Accepted" or "Not Accepted" for specific offer accepted by the bank or by customer?
  • Throughout the process the clients application is assessed several times by the bank. If the customer sends in a payslip and his salary turns out to be too low for the offered amount, the offer is no longer acceptable.
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