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Calling another Plugin from my own Plugin

Hello all,

I want to call a Plugin from inside my own Plugin. in this Case I want my Plugin to take a xLog, do some preprocessing on it and then call the InductiveMiner (with the parameter window) with the modified xLog file.
It seems like eclipse prints out information when a plugin has been called from another one, for example it outputs this during the "convert csv to xes" plugin:

Start plug-in @2 Log Summary
End plug-in @2 Log Summary, took 26750 milliseconds

I want to achieve the same for my plugin, I get Inductive Miner to start, but it does not print out these lines, it just prints out

Start plug-in  XEditor Process Tree
End plug-in  XEditor Process Tree, took 560 milliseconds

which seems to be UITopia that calls the appropriate Visualizer for the returned process Tree.

Could anyone provide me with tips on achieving my goal? :)


  • Dear Martin,

    The typical way to start a plug-in B from within a plug-in A, is to have the framework start the plug-in B. This prevents lots of issues. But I do not know whether you are doing this.

    Can you provide some insights on how you are trying to start the Inductive Miner?

    Kind regards,

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