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List of Import File Formats


Is there a list of file extensions available that ProM can import in general?  For event logs, .csv, .xes, and .mxml are known, among other files produced by ProM (ex. .pnml), but I am interested if other file formats work with the tool, namely if there is flexibility to import other types of process flow diagrams.  Thanks.


  • Hi,
    There are various types of import file format, such .xes, .mxml .csv for event log and .pnml for Petri net as you mentioned. You can get a list of all import plug-ins by (1) Start ProM 6.6 or other versions; (2) Run the “Show All Packages and All Plug-ins” plug-in; and (3) In the “Available plug-ins” section, look for lines that have “Import” in the UITopia column. These are all the import plug-ins in the current version. Typically, the name of the import plug-ins hints at the format it can read.

    For other file format that are not supported in standard ProM release, e.g., process flow diagrams, you need develop you own importer plugin by yourself.


  • This is very helpful.  Thank you!
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