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Workflow net metrics plugin


This 2009 paper:

Lassen, Kristian Bisgaard, and Wil MP van der Aalst. "Complexity metrics for Workflow nets." Information and Software Technology 51.3 (2009): 610-626.
Details a number of complexity metrics for WF-nets and mentions that they have been implemented in a ProM package entitled Workflow Net Metrics. Unfortunately I can't seem to find this package in ProM, and it doesn't appear anywhere in the package manager either. Does anyone know if this package is still available, and if so, how to obtain it?



  • Dear djr,

    Given the publication date I would assume that the implementation is done in ProM 5.2.
    Most of the features have not been ported to ProM 6 so I assume that they are not available there.
    Joos Buijs

    Senior Data Scientist and process mining expert at APG (Dutch pension fund executor).
    Previously Assistant Professor in Process Mining at Eindhoven University of Technology
  • Dear Djr,

    I just ran with the same problem last week. You can calculate the three metrics in the article in ProM 6.10 with the plug-in "Show Petri-net Metrics":

    1. Make a petri net with an editor to design petri nets or herarchical graphs. For example you can use Snoopy 2 which can be found here:
    2. Export your petri net to pnml
    3. Import your petri net to ProM 6.10 using the plug-in "PNML Petri net files"
    4. Analyze the petri net using the plug-in "Analyze with Woflan". This is to check whether or not the petri net fullfill the soundness property, which is one of the requirements in the paper.
    5. Analyze the petri net using the plug-in "Petri-net Metrics". Here you will get among other metrics the Extended Cardoso metric, the Extended Cyclomatic metric, and the Structuredness metric with details about the algorythm. If your petri net is not sound you can still run the metrics and get values, but for the structuredness metric you will get a message in the details that the net is not a workflow net.

    I hope this helps

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