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Export ProM with own plugin as JAR file in Eclipse

Dear community,

does anyone knows a way to export ProM to a binary file (like an exe or jar file)?

I would like to provide my professor an executable version of my plugin.
Is there any way to export it?

Best regards,



  • Dear Ollyseus,

    The most convenient way of making the plugin available to your professor is to have us create a package for you where you can copy your plugin in. You can then use our build server to build and release your plugin, and your professor can download and install the Nightly Build of ProM, install your package, and run your plugin. Another advantage of this approach, is that other ProM users can also use your plugin. Please contact me if you want to do it this way.

    As an alternative, you can export the contexts of your package to a jar file, which you store in a folder where you have installed a ProM Nightly Build (that is, the folder that contains the ProM.bat file), and then change the following fragment in the ProM.bat file:

    @set X=.\dist\ProM-Framework.jar
    @set X=%X%;.\dist\ProM-Contexts.jar
    @set X=%X%;.\dist\ProM-Models.jar
    @set X=%X%;.\dist\ProM-Plugins.jar


    @set X=.\dist\ProM-Framework.jar
    @set X=%X%;.\dist\ProM-Contexts.jar
    @set X=%X%;.\dist\ProM-Models.jar
    @set X=%X%;.\dist\ProM-Plugins.jar
    @set X=%X%;.\<yourpackagename>.jar

    If you then start ProM using the changed ProM.bat file, your plugin will be available in ProM. You can then pack the entire folder in a single zip and ask your professor to extract it somewhere and run ProM using the ProM.bat file.

    Kind regards,


  • Dear Eric,

    unfortunately it still doesn't work, and I have to submit today.

    There should be a package already called "UnertaintyMarker" made by Oliver Meier.
    But when I want to start the ProM.bat file from the nightly build it doesn't work. (Windows). The console tells me that it could not create a JVM.

    I also downloaded ProM 6.6, but the Plugin UncertaintyMarker does not appear in the Package Manager.

    Can you help me?

    Kind Regards,


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