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Solution to proxy issue - how to install packages locally

I think many people on the forum were facing issues of corporate PC firewalls and proxy issues. The solution on trouble shooting page (give -Dhttp.proxyHost -Dhttp.proxyPort) seems to work in some cases but not always (not for mine). After talking with Eric and Joos I figured out how to install packages locally, and would like to share it here. Before that, I want to warn you that this is the suggested way.

1. Download all packages (you need) from for prom_lite or for prom6. You can use wget or other methods. After this you will have a number of .zip files, the directory structure might look like this


Now you need to make changes to the packages.xml files, both the one underneath packages_folder and the ones under each package folder. For the global one, change the url="" to url="file:packages_folder/some_package/packages.xml", and for each individual package.xml, change url to "file:packages_folder/some_package/". 

This means a lot of changes, so you might want to write a shell script or some program to do that.

2. Move this packages_folder to the directory where you installed your ProM program. Change ProM.ini such that
PACKAGE_URL = file:packages_folder/packages.xml

3. chick ProMLite11.bat and enjoy


  • hverbeek
    edited August 2016
    To save you the trouble, we now have a zip archive available for the package repository of ProM Lite 1.1. This zip archive can be downloaded from

    Once downloaded, please extract its contents (a folder named packageslite11 and a file named ProM.ini) into the folder where you have installed ProM Lite 1.1. As a result, the ProM.ini file as created by the ProM Lite 1.1 installer will be overwritten by the ProM.ini file from the zip archive, but that's how it should be. Then start ProM Lite 1.1, which will then install all packages from the local packageslite11 folder, instead of from the internet. As a result, you should not have any firewall or proxy issues when running ProM Lite 1.1.

    The downside of using the solution is that you will not get any package updates. If we fix a bug in a relevant package, then we will of course update our package repository, which will then be available to any ProM Lite 1.1 users that actually use this repository, but not to you as you will be using a local copy of the repository.

  • Dear all,

    There is now another solution to the problem of proxies. You can now first create your own local package repository on your local computer, and then have ProM use your local repository instead of our remote repository. See for the details.

    Kind regards,


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