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ProM package repository

edited February 2011 in Announcements / News
This morning, Eric Verbeek send the following message on the ProM Developers mailing list:

Dear all,

As mentioned last week, we now have a new repository (, a new trac site (, and a new Hudson server ( (note that I forgot the :8080 last week, which may have lead to some confusion). Please recall that the Hudson server will build all downstream packages as well when a stable package gets changed in the repository, and that this build might take considerable time for some packages (Log, for example).

A package repository containing all packages from the new SVN repository is now also available: . I’ve changed all (as far as I know, please let me know if I’ve missed some) ProM.ini files accordingly. If you want to load the latest packages, it might be a good idea to remove the .ProM folder from your user folder first, and then to install the “AllPackages” package using the ProM Package Manager. The “AllPackages” package replaces the “BPM2010” package. Please note that this package does contain a simple plug-in, which lists the packages and plug-ins which have been installed. Might be of use when you think not all packages/plug-ins have been installed.

Note that the package repository uses a subrepository for every package. The file for this subrepository is created every time Hudson builds the package, and it is released when the corresponding Release project is run. You can change the file by editing the build.xml file. In the build.xml file, look for the echoxml tag, which contains the contents for the subrepository file. By changing this part of the build.xml file, you’ll change the contents of the subrepository package file. Also note that the build.xml file contains the version number of the package (for the time being, all version numbers are set to “6.1.0”). Please update the version number once you’ve released the package (by running the corresponding Release project), as hudson does not auto-increment this number.

Also note that in the main repository file some subrepositories are commented out. These subrepositories do not exist yet as the package fails to compile. Please let me know as soon as the package compiles, so I can removed the comments.

Finally, today’s lunch meeting is herewith canceled.



Joos Buijs

Senior Data Scientist and process mining expert at APG (Dutch pension fund executor).
Previously Assistant Professor in Process Mining at Eindhoven University of Technology


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