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Failed to read package

I check-out my ProM plugin code in the eclipse environment, but when I tried to run by the first time  I get follow error,

Ini file processed
>>> Loading packages from C:\Users\Tonatiuh\.ProM610\packages\packages.xml
>>> All dependencies have been resolved
>>> Loading packages from
Failed to read package in 106 milliseconds.

then the package manager is open but without any information.

I check my internet connection and its ok, even in the internal web browser of eclipse I can access to the url :,
anyone whit this issue that has a solution, Thanks in advance.


  • hverbeek
    edited May 2016
    Hi Tonatiuh,

    Could you check the ProM.ini file, and look (at the bottom of this file) for two timeouts, a read timeout and a connection timeout. Like follows:

    # Timeouts used when trying to get a file from the repository.
    # Setting a timeout to 0 means no timeout wil be set.

    My guess is that one your timeouts is set to 100 ms, which is too short. Either disable both timeouts by setting them to 0 (as in the example), or increase the timeouts such that the file can be read before the timeout occurs.



  • Thanks Eric, this works
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