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Data Dictionary

An explanation of the attributes used in the various CSV files can be found here:

For any further questions about the semantics of attributes, please use this thread.


  • Hi!
    I have a doubt about the meaning of " Office_U " and " Office_W ".
    I would like to understand what it means that, for one CUSTOMER_ID, 
    the value is the same identical for both 
    and what it means that take on different values​​.
  • UWV has multiple business units. Each business unit has his own set of offices. Office_U and Office_W represent the offices of two business units of UWV. Offices of multiple business units are located in the same city or even the same building. The ID's of Office_U and Office_W represent the office locations. If for a customer the ID's for Office_U and Office_W are identical, then the customer is handled by the same office location for both business units. If the ID's are different, then the customer is handled by different office locations for each business unit.
  • Thank you! 
  • kimyong
    edited June 2016
    Hi, I have a question about the 'page_name' that is column in 'Click logged in data', such as 'taken', mijn_cv, home and mijn_berichten etc. Because we aren't  Dutch people, we can't sign up a UWV and werkmap in So, it's very hard to know about what do these page_names mean. So, could you let me know about meaning of words in 'page_name'?? especially, we want to know about what does 'taken' means. if you can, it will be a great help to us :) I look forward to your reply :-) thank you.
  • Hi Kimyong:

    "Taken" --> "Tasks"
    "Berichten" --> "Messages"
    "Werkmap" --> "Work folder"

    Consider this, lightly, as a workflow system. The "taken" or "tasks" are the things that people need to do, e.g. workitems. The messages are some sort of e-mail system between the clients and the company.

    Hope this helps? 
  • What is the precise differences between "questions" and "messages"? How are questions asked, if not through messages with people from
  • Messages are send through the Werkmap. Messages can be answered in two different ways. The attribute HandlingChannelID identifies how a message was answered.

    Questions, in this dataset, are related to customer contacts received through the Call Center. Questions are answered by Call Center employees or by a backoffice employee if necessary. How a question is handled is not part of the dataset.

    The main difference between a message and a question is the channel through which UWV receives the request (Werkmap vs. Call Center) and how the request is handled.
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