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OpenXES - XID of XTrace and XLog

edited March 2016 in - Development
Hey all,

I have one specific question about the usage of OpenXES. At the moment, I am trying to store some elements of an .xes event log in a relational database. I managed to parse the logfile with OpenXES and I am also able to extract all the necesseary attributes of the log / traces / events.

However, to store the information extracted from an event log in a relaional database, it would be convenient for me to be able to use some kind of unique identifiers as primary keys.

While examining the Javadoc for the latest OpenXES library, I found out that there is a method for XEvent called "getID()" that returns an XID for the respective event. That works perfectly!

However, I could not find similary methods for XLog or XTrace.    

The OpenXES Developer Guide (Version 2.0) states on page 19 and 21, that "IDs are an integral part of the XES standard, since they are mandatory attributes for every element of the model type hierarchy." and that "The XElement interface is extended by all elements of the XES model type hierarchy. It defines that every element needs to have an XID, ...".

In my opinon, that means that there sould be ways to get an XID from an XLog or an XTrace.

My Question is:
Are there any ways to extract a unique identifier directly from an XLog or an XTrace?

Thank you for your answers in advance!



  • Hi Lukas,

    Similar functions for XLog or XTrace do not exist.

    Although the OpenXES developer's guide states that the XID should be supported by the XElement interface, the XID is only supported by the XEvent interface (and implementation). Apparently (I don't know why), the implementation and documentation do not agree here. Sorry about that.

    Kind regards,


  • Thank you for your response! 

    That clears up everything for me.

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