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Eric Verbeek send the following message on the ProM Developers mailing list this morning:

Dear all,

As from now on, please use the new ProM 6 SVN repository, which is located at . As with the old repository, the new repository also comes with a trac site, which can be found at . Note, however, that there is still an issue with creating tickets on the new trac site. BCF still needs to solve this.

Furthermore, the new Hudson server ( is now operational. This server checks the new repository for changes, and will perform builds whenever necessary. As mentioned yesterday, we now have two classes of packages: stable packages and non-stable packages. Whenever a change is detected in a non-stable package, a build will be performed on the package, and any errors will be communicated to the author of the change. Whenever a change is detected in a stable package, builds will be performed for the package and any downstream package (that is, any package that uses the package in its packagelib folder). Again, any errors will be communicated to the author of the change, and it’s the responsibility of this author to fix any problems (which includes problems in downstream packages). Note that we assume that stable package are free of errors themselves, hence, the error in a downstream package should be caused by the upstream change. If you think your non-stable package has become stable now, please let me know so we can change its status.

For the Hudson server to communicate the errors to the authors, it is important that you register your SVN account on the server. To do so, please go to the server, select the “Sign up” link in the upper right corner, provide your credentials, and select the “Sign up” button. Please provide the same username as you have in the SVN repository, and provide a valid e-mail address. Errors will be communicated by the server to the e-mail address provided, so this is kind of important.

Finally, let me know if you think you lack credentials anywhere in the repository, trac, or Hudson. Almost everything can be fixed, as long as we’re aware of it.



Update Joos: corrected link to Hudson server
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