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BPMN Swimlanes

Has anyone been able to derive BPMN with swimlanes. While I can derive BPMN without swimlanes from a petrinet, the swimlane plug-in does not seem to work. Please advise.


  • Did anybody solve the problem or could tell me how the swimlane plug-in works? If I try the plug-in I always get the message: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException

    Does anybody have an idea?

    Best regards
  • Andrea
    edited August 2016
    Dear all,

    I'm investigating this error and, first of all, I need to reproduce it.

    These are the steps I just performed:
    1. I downloaded the latest nightly build (
    2. Ran PackageManager.bat (I'm in Windows right now) and installed the packages "Swimlane" and "InductiveMiner" (all their dependencies are automatically installed)
    3. Downloaded the example log files ( and extracted "repairExample.mxml"
    4. Run ProM.bat and imported "repairExample.mxml"
    5. Mined a model using "Mine process tree with Inductive Miner" (with default parameters configuration)
    6. Converted the process tree using "Convert Process tree to BPMN diagram"
    7. Using the BPMN model and the log, I ran "Discover Swimlanes"
    8. Back on the workspace I had an object named "Role Set" with type "Role Partitioning"
    9. Using the "Role Set" and the BPMN model I ran the "Decorate a BPMN Model with a Role Partition" plugin, which generated the following BPMN model:
    As you guess, I've not been able to reproduce the error. Could you report the list of steps you performed and -if possible- the log file and model you used? Also, it would be useful to have the whole stack trace (on the console).
  • I just repeated the same procedure on a fresh new installation of ProM 6.6 with the same outcome (no error, same swimlanes).

    Please note that my answer regards the "Discovery Swimlane" plugin (authored by the PROMPT workgoup) which is the implementation of the procedure described in
    I see there is a second "swimlane" plugin in ProM (called "Swimlane Discovery Plug-in" by I. Bayraktar) but I don't know it and I cannot help with that.
  • Hey Andrea,

    thank you very much for your answer. One of my colleagues did try the way you proposed and it seems that it works. There are more or less some "little" issues to correct.

    Our first approach was the the way you mentioned in your second answer. We tried to use the Plug-In "Swimlane Discovery Plug-In" and here I got this error message. 

    When I´m back in office I will try to reproduce the way you explained.

    So far thank you very much for your support.
    Best regards
  • Dear All, 

    I am also trying to derive BPMN model with swimlanes from event logs, but running the swimlane discovery plug-in got the error message Java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException mentioned above - using ProM 6.6. 

    I tried to follow Andrea's instructions, but the link ( not available anymore. 

    Could anyone help me out with a PackageManager? 

    Thank you in advance. 
    Best regards, 
  • Hi Rajmund,

    You can find the latest Nightly Build on The link you used points to a Nightly Build from 2016, which has been removed by now. Only the latest 10 Nightly Builds are kept.

    Possibly, the current Nightly Builds have the same issue, I do not know.

    Kind regards,

  • Dear Eric, 

    Thank you for your quick answer and help, I finally managed to build a BMPN diagram with swimlanes. 

    Best regards, 
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