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More Information regarding CSV to XES import

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I am using the attached article ( and would like to get more information regarding the plugin "Convert CSV to XES" (by F. Mannhardt).

Can anyone point me?




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  • Hi Gadi,

    Thanks for using my plug-in. Could you elaborate more on what you are trying achieve. Then, I would like to help you :)

  • Using the plugin, I am trying to create an XES file from the existing file.

    While mapping the fields:

    1. I am adding the Case ID, which adds to the toggle field in the "Trace Attribute" the value "concept:name"

    2. I am applying the date pattern for the start and complete of the lifecycle See Picture attached (1.png)

    3. Then I am adding time the data into the mapping See Picture attached (2.png)

    4. After that, something happens to the date pattern (3.png) and the result is that the mapping did not work (4.png).

    I am attaching both the screenshots and the CSV file.


  • I would suggest to just ignore the row 'XES Extension' for now and do
    not change it. (so skip step 3) The plug-in is under development, and the UI will be better in the next ProM version.

    Also, I think your date format pattern is wrong as your date is of form
    12.08.2015 12:33. So the pattern should be dd.MM.yyyy HH:mm (please note the capital HH)

    In the next days there will be a new ProM release with a much improved version. 
    So if you have the time you might want to wait and try again.

    Finally, could you change to the 'Activity' tab and have a look in the 'Log' window what kind of error message are displayed.

  • Hi Felix,

    How do I change into the 'Activity' Tab, in order to view the error message?

  • Click on the green button. 

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