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"Convert Key-Value set to Log" plugin

edited June 2015 in - Usage


    I am a newbie on the topic.

     I am having problems to understand the attributes used in the Key-Value plugin when a CSV file is imported and it is required to map them to create a proper log, that will depend on what you want to analyze.

     In particular, there are a few fields that I find very confusing as the names are similar while others I think convey a wrong idea on what they are to be used. I have tried to map my fields them in a number of different ways without being able to extract a useful log structure that helps to have a well defined process. 

    The fields are:

       Trace identifier







       time: timestamp

In my logs, I have:

       timestamp that I have mapped to timestamp

       a row number identifying each line on my file (each event)

       a case Id 

       a user performing the action

       the action being performed: create, update, close, delete

       a category for the action being performed

What I want is to group by case Id.

It is not clear to me after making several attempts to what field assign the case ID, the combinations I have tried map all my events to one case or make each event one different case.


There are other fields, but I think those are more straighforward or only required for advanced use cases:





And in general, where can I find documentation for the mentioned plug-in?

Secondarily, is there a way to modify the default separator used when importing a CSV file? 

     Thanks in advance for your help    



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