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Semantic Process Mining

edited December 2010 in - Usage

   I am interesting in semantic process mining with ProM. I have tried with several semantic plug-ins with example log file in SA-MXML format. Anyway, I want to try with my own data. Having a MXML log file and an ontology file in wsml, how can I convert it to SA-MXML ? Is there any plug-ins ? At my knowledge, ProMImport doesn't support this kind of conversion, right ?

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  • Hi Wirat, 

    As far as I know there is none. You would need to write a custom ProMimport plug-in. 

    You can take a look at the ProMimport developer tutorial here:

    Hope that helps, 
  • Thanks Anne,

    I am trying to create my own plug-in, but what I concern is the way to search  and query concepts in wsml ontology (file). The program may have to create complicated data structure for that purpose.  How those semantic plug-ins deal with ontology ? Is there any API available for use? I am not expert in java program. If there is any API or library to query on wsml ontology, it will be very helpful.

    Anyone who knows, please give me some clues

    Best Regards,

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