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Comparision of execution time

edited March 2015 in Process Mining

Hi All,

I am relatively new to the topic. I am trying to compare the different Process Discovery algorithms. Which chapter of the book talks about "Execution time of an algorithm" ? I couldn't figure this out yet. Thanks in advance.





  • Not sure that I understand what you mean by "Exectuion time of an algorithm". Are you referring to the time an algorithm need to process a certain log or the execution time of a certain trace?

  • Yes, that's correct

  • So, which one is it?

  • Oh sorry, my reply was abstract. I am looking for the time an algorithm needs to process a certain log. Are you aware of anything available in ProM

  • The only thing that I remember from the MOOC on process mining is that the genetic algorithm is very time consuming and should therefore only be used on small data sets. From my own experiance I also find that the ILP algorithm can be time and memory consuming.

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