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How can i use the Flexible heuristic miner

edited October 2014 in - Usage

I've installed ProM6.4, and i would like to mine a log with the Flexible Heuristic miner as described by Weijters in this paper, in the plugins there is an heuristic miner called Heuristic Miner and each time i try the result is not available and i don't know what is the problem. I can start the mining with that plugin(heuristic miner), i select i can not see the mined model. these arer the screenshots. 

SO i have 2 problems:

1) I cannot see the results with the heuristic miner available with my proM

2) I want to use the flexible heuristic miner and i don't know how. 

Please it is urgent.

1.PNG 175.7K
2.PNG 368.4K
3.PNG 231.4K


  • Hi Cedrico,

    From your screenshots I'm guessing that you're using the ProM 6 Example log files ( to test the Heuristics Miner? Did you modify these logs, because when I try to use the "Mine for a Heuristics Net using Heuristics Miner" the output is shown correctly? If you used any other event logs, could you please attach them?

    Have you tried running ProM using the ProM64.bat file (in the folder where you installed ProM) and checking if any error messages are printed? If so, could you post them here?

  • If you want to see information on the splits and joins and frequencies then you can simply click on the activities in the resulting HeuristicsNet. You can also use the "Mine for a Causal Net using Heuristics Miner" and then click on the "Create new..." drop-down menu in the top-right of the UI and select "Visualize Causal Net with Annotations". In the Inspector on the right you can then select "Patterns" and see the split/join information when you click on activities.

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