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Exporting Process model to XML

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Are there any plug-ins which allow you to export the model to XML?  We're looking to use ProM to generate the process model, but then need to be able to move it into a different tool for visualisation (Tableau).  I've already written some code to convert the XML output from Disco and we've been able to map that nicely in Tableau but we're looking to move to using ProM instead of Disco.




  • Hi Chris,

    In brief: of course this is possible since ProM is open source.

    It is however unclear to me what models you would like to export and to which format.

    Have you tried the 'export' button in the ProM workspace?

    If you have special requirements, you can write your own import/export plug-ins to (de)serialize particular ProM objects.

    Joos Buijs

    Senior Data Scientist and process mining expert at APG (Dutch pension fund executor).
    Previously Assistant Professor in Process Mining at Eindhoven University of Technology
  • Hi Joos,

      sorry, my post was a little vague, sorry, I'm very new to process modelling.  I was running the AlphaMiner plug-in to build a Petri Net.  This is something that another colleague had done using Disco, and at the end of the process they exported the process flow chart as an xml file which detailed the position of each node on the map, each edge linking the nodes as well as statistical information about them (number of traces/distinct traces using each node/edge for example), which we were able to import into Tableau after a little external manipulation to produce some very nice looking visuals (for instance setting the width of the edges to be relative to the number of traces and colour to be the direction (ie progressing along the process, or looping back to an earlier step).

    I tried the "export" button on the AlphaMiner plugin and all the options for exporting are for outputting image files rather than a description of the map that has been built.

    We are essentially want to use ProM to do the modelling work to produce the process map, then using other tools for producing the pretty visualisations which the clients can understand.

  • Ah!  I've found it.  When I go back to the "All" tab in the workspace, it shows a number of new itesm created by the process, and when I select "Petrinet from repoartExample.mxml , mined with AlphaMiner" and export THAT, it exports XML data!



  • OK, I'm back to this again, it turns out, AlphaMiner isn't what we want to use, it's FuzzyMiner. This time, when I go back to the All tab of the workspace and try to export, it allows me to export, enter a filename etc, except it doesn't suggest any file extension.  It also does not actually save any file to the selected folder, so it seems there's nothing implemented in the plugin to export the process map (no error message that I can see, it just doesn't do it).

    I understand that this is an academic tool rather than a business tool (and that I'm a little out of my depth here), but surely a way to export the process map so that it can be worked on elsewhere would be a pretty basic requirement?  What do you guys actually do with the process map once you've built it in ProM?

    Has anyone come up with a way to get the fuzzy miner map out of ProM into any other tools for further manipulation/visualisation?

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