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heuristic miner and causal net

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Hi all,

I have a question about two plugins, namely "Mine for a causal net using heuristic miner" and "Mine for an heuristic net using heuristic miner". First of all: in what they differ? I mean, the causal net is not the standard output for the heuiristic miner algorithm? Otherwise, what it's better to use to extract process models? Second: I obtain different results when I try to directly mine the causal net from the log and when I convert an heuristic net in a flexible model (i.e. a causal net); do you know why?

Thank you,


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  • jribeiro
    Accepted Answer

     Hi Laura,

     "Mine for a causal net using heuristic miner" uses the Flexible Heuristics Miner (FHM) algorithm, while the other uses the original Heuristics Miner that was available in ProM 5. The FHM uses a different strategy to characterize splits and joins.

     Remark that, although the semantics are the same for both, Causal nets and Heuristics nets hold information differently. Causal nets are supposed to replace Heuristics nets.



  • Thank you very much, I actually want to use the FHM, so now I'm sure that I'm doing the right thing. 



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