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Xesame- Unknownhost Exception

[Deleted User]
edited December 2010 in - XESame

I dowloaded XESame along with PROM6. When I try up open the mapping file provided in XESame example, I get The eeror long in the consol as follows

2010-12-13 17:25:30: (ERROR) We could not parse the extension at the URI '' because of the following error:
2010-12-13 17:25:30: (ERROR) We could not load the mapping as specified in the saved mapping due to the following error:
2010-12-13 17:26:41: (PROGRESS) Starting step 1 of 5: initialization.
2010-12-13 17:26:49: (PROGRESS) Starting step 2 of 5: Extracting log info.
2010-12-13 17:26:50: (PROGRESS) Starting step 3 of 5: Extracting traces.
2010-12-13 17:26:50: (PROGRESS) Starting step 4 of 5: Extracting Event: Generated Event.
2010-12-13 17:26:51: (PROGRESS) Starting step 5 of 5: Converting Cache DB to XES.
2010-12-13 17:27:06: (ERROR) We could not write the event log file because we encountered an error when parsing a stored extension (Concept)
2010-12-13 17:27:19: (PROGRESS) We stopped execution because of a critical error.

Please let me know what needs to be done.


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