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ProM and XES nested attributes

edited January 2014 in ProM 6
Hello there,
i tested ProM 6 XES import with a xes document that uses nested attributes. The XES standard states that an application should "where feasible, alert the user to the fact that some information may not be available". Using the inspector I could not find any information about nested attributes so my question is: are nested attributes are featured in ProM 6? And how can i use or where can i inspect them?

Thanks in advance and best regards, Lutz


  • Dear Lutz,

    As far as I know, there is no plug-in yet that really shows you these meta (nested) attributes. The default log visualizer shows you only the top-level attributes, but not the meta attributes.

    Apparently, so far, nobody needed to visualize these meta attributes.

    Note that these meta attributes will be available in ProM 6 (they will be imported and such), there is just no way yet to visualize them (again, as far as I know).

    Sorry to disappoint you...

  • Lutz
    edited February 2014
    Hello Eric,
    You did not disappoint me at all, it is good to know that ProM does import all the data contained in the xes document. I may write a plugin or extend an existing plugin or the inspector (depending on my avaible time resources).

    Thank you again and best regards, Lutz
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