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Where are tutorial files and

edited December 2012 in ProM 6
I'm a new ProM 6 user (or will be soon), and I've gone through the Getting Started document, and am now working through the ProM 6 tutorial, but some of the links seem to be dead.  In section 1.4 Getting Started there are instructions to

2. Download a log file and the default LTL model for the running example.  These are:
  * repairExample.xes, which is contained in[2] and
  * standard.lrl, which is contained in[3]


Requesting either of those URLs results in a timeout.  I can get a file named repairexample.xes from the zip file for chapter 8 from 

but I'm still stuck on the  I though to try to use the package manager to install the LTL model checker, but I'm having very little luck launching the package manager (though it started on the ProM 6's maiden run without a problem).  I'm running on Ubuntu, and thought that (based on ProM62PM.bat) that I could launch the package manager from the command line, but that fails as follows:

$ java -cp ProM62.jar org.processmining.context.uitopia.packagemanager.PMFrame
Error: Could not find or load main class org.processmining.context.uitopia.packagemanager.PMFrame

although jar tf confirms that the class is there:

$ jar tf ProM62.jar | grep PMFrame

I really hope I'm just missing something simple here; thanks in advance for your help.


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