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Ability to Scale Up in ProM

edited May 2009 in ProM5
Some ProM analyses output, for example Performance Metrics in Ontologies, are not legible when there is a large amount of data. There can be too much data for the computer screen or an A4 page. The more data the smaller the data becomes.

Would it be possible to have in these analyses an Export to PDF capability – or an ability to Select All and then copy and paste to PDF etc?

Some ontologies will be quite large (over 100 instances) for originators and tasks in big organisations with complex processes.

If exported to a PDF these analyses could then be scaled up printed on A3, A2 or larger. These would provide a powerful analysis tool!


  • The pop-up menu of the Ontology panel contains a Print item. Provided that you have a PDF printer installed, you can use this item to print the entire ontology to a PDF file. The only other export I know of is the possibility to export the Numbers table to a CSV file.

    As far as I know, there is no way to have this plug-in write a complete report to some PDF file, and I do not think that this functionality will appear in the near future.
  • I may have a simple solution to this.

    In ProM, when you press Print in the pop-up menu you can select Adobe PDF,
    (if it's set up as a printer on your PC). Click on Properties and select the larger paper size (eg A0 and A1). Also uncheck "Do not send fonts to Adobe PDF". This will create your PDF file ready for print. I have just tested this printing a heuristic net on A0 (at a bureau).

    There is a trick to this (as always.) Before you do the above you have to go to Printers and Faxes from the Start Menu. Right click on Adobe PDF and go to Printing Preferences. Here ADD the paper sizes again. Then OK out. You also have to got to Adobe Acrobat and do the same thing under Print Setup - make sure those sizes exist there.

    Hope this helps.
  • Getting back to the original problem which is the significant space that ontologies will take up on the screen and on paper - there is another approach.

    Having the ontologies print from left to right rather than top down. This is used by makers of genealogical software. It's not intuitive but it does work. (I can provide an example.)

    There is less "white space" with the words closer together and so the diagrams can be much smaller. I know this is not a priority but perhaps it's easy. I have ontologies with 1000 concepts so it would be useful.
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