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Define Abstractions Manually

edited October 2012 in Announcements / News
Is it possible to define abstractions manually? For example, given a sequence a-b-c-d-e-f-g-h I would like to define the following abstractions:

b-c-d--> X
e-f-g --> Y

such that the new trace would become a-X-Y-h. The Abstractions Plugin can not do this, since the abstraction is always preceded by a and followed by h. So what I'm looking for is to manually define abstractions, whereas the plugin only allows abstractions to be defined over automatically discovered tandem/maximal repeats. Is this possible?

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  • jcbose
    Accepted Answer
    Hi Edgar,

    It is currently not possible through the options available in the plug-in. However, you can use the methods available in the Pattern Abstractions package (for transformation of log with abstractions defined over patterns) to achieve what you want. This might require some coding effort.



  • Hi Edgar,

    This can still be achieved using the pattern abstractions plug-in. Suppose, the plugin identifies the pattern alphabet {a, b, c, d} as an abstraction, in the abstractions panel (top-left panel) of the plug-in visualization, you can select "a" from this abstraction and click "Remove" button. Then the abstraction is reset to {b, c, d}, which is what you want.

  • edgar
    edited October 2012
    Hi JC,

    Thank you for your quick reply. What if no abstraction is found at all? Suppose I have an extremely regular process, so my traces are all identical. As a consequence no patterns will be found, even though I'd like to define abstractions and create a process model. 


    PS: I'm aware that I'm not using the plugin for its main purpose, but solely as a visualisation tool. 
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