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changing the label of a place in PetriNets models

edited November 2011 in - Development
Dear Freiends,

I use ProM6 as a developer,I want to add some information to the place in a pretrinet model(Output of AlphaMiner) ,actually I want to edit the label of a place in a petrinet  model.

Is it possible to add some information as a string to the label of  a place?

How can I do it?

would you mind helping me to do it?
Thanks alot


  • Dear Mousavi,

    It is important to
    realize that every place and transition in a Petri net has a number of
    known attributes. These attributes include, for example, the shape of the node,
    the color of the node, and also the label of the node. Given a place P, the
    statement P.getAttributeMap() gets the attribute map (which assigns values to
    the attributes for place P, and P.getAttributeMap().put(AttributeMap.LABEL, L)
    sets the label attribute (which uses AttributeMap.LABEL as key) to L. So,
    AttributeMap.LABEL is the key to the label attribute of a node, and L is some
    String that will be the label of place P.

    Kind regards,


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